Nothing can beat that new luxurious look a new carpet gives to a room. But, all too soon, everyday use takes its toll. However carefully you treat your carpets over time they inevitably become soiled and start to look a little tired and grubby. With professional cleaning you can bring them back to life again giving a fresh look and feel to the whole room.

All carpet types whether in a domestic or commercial environment benefit from regular cleaning and maintenance to improve their appearance and prevent premature wear. Having one of the most powerful and advanced Truck Mounted cleaning machines available, allows me to clean deeper and more efficiently than most other carpet cleaning companies.

To maintain a clean look and feel, carpets require regular care which will also extend their life as well as ensure good general hygiene. Ideally, I recommend that carpets are vacuumed every day, however we all lead busy lifestyles and I appreciate that this isn’t always possible. Hot water extraction (steam cleaning) is recommended by most carpet manufacturers, as this is the only way to clean a carpet or your upholstery  properly. This is my preferred method and with the power of the my truck mounted carpet cleaning machine I can clean deeper into the carpet pile leaving your carpets feeling clean and fresh. My extensive cleaning process will guarantee your much loved carpets are cleaned to a high standard. In order to be safe for you and your family all my products are eco and pet friendly.

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General care tips:

  • To prevent dirt from outside being trodden into your carpets and soiling them by doubling up on doormats. Keeping one on the inside and one on the outside of each entrance to your home.
  • Act immediately when dealing with spillages to prevent staining and blot the area with an absorbent cloth, working from the outside in. Never rub it as this can cause irreversible damage to the carpet fibres. Rinse with cold water from a spray bottle then blot dry.
  • Keep your carpets dust free and keep those fibres plumped up by vacuuming your home a least twice a week, at an absolute minimum.
  • Carpets should be cleaned professionally a minimum of every 12 months, more often if you have children and pets.
  • Protect your carpets from the sun as UV rays can cause fading of carpet fibres.